BBQ Smoker

BBQ Smoker

Small from £350, Large from £600

This product was requested on behalf of our Jamaican friend, its our prestige outdoor cooking product made from a recycled oil drum and given a new lease of life. The frame all breaks down to store away if needs be or to transport.

Our standard frame colour is black but can be bespoke to whatever colour you’d like. The oil drum itself is powder coated in a heat resistant paint and this is currently only available in either black or silver finish.

The cooking rack is purpose built to have a higher warming rack and a cooking rack. This lifts out for replenishing coals or wood chippings. The food racks are stainless steel and are removable for cleaning purposes. A temperature gauge is standard for cooking at the optimum smoking temperature when the lid is closed to get perfect results for your jerk chicken or succulent ribs.

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