All products can be customised

Our products can be tailored to your requirements, both in terms of cut-outs and colours. This includes the back panel of our signature BBQ Shack, all the way to our smallest barbecue.

Designs Ready To Go

Below are some of the combinations we have already created and now have the designs ready to make further items.

If you'd like something different, we can work with you to create your ideal theme.

Painted/stenciled designs on all products, Cut-outs mainly for BBQs

Some products may not be suitable for the cut out options, e.g. having holes in the beer chiller would make it harder to keep the beer chilled, but colours would certainly work.

Dad’s BBQ
Dad’s BBQ

For Christmas, Birthday, Father’s Day or just to let them know who is the chef in the garden.

Mum’s BBQ
Mum’s BBQ

For Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day or just to let them know it’s not only men that can BBQ.

Meat And Veg Split BBQ
Meat And Veg Split BBQ

Designed to keep the vegetables away from the meat during cooking.

Brighton & Hove Albion BBQ
Brighton & Hove Albion

Support for the Seagulls.

Liverpool BBQ
Liverpool Football Club

You'll never walk alone.

Wolverhampton Wanderers BBQ
Wolverhampton Wanderers
Football Club

For the Wolves fan.

Northampton Saints BBQ
Northampton Saints

Come on you Saints

Leicester Tigers BBQ
Leicester Tigers

Go Tigers

England Rugby BBQ
England Rugby

Swing Low

Wales Rugby BBQ
Wales Rugby

Cymru am byth

England Rugby
England Rugby

Our first design.


Best on sink units and beer chillers.


Best on sink units and beer chillers cooking.


Here's one for England.

Got questions? Want to Order? Want custom colours? Or custom design?