Classic BBQ

Classic BBQ

Our range of BBQs are made using recycled oil drums we have 3 differing sizes of the same design, these are bespoke to you giving you options of colour of the frames , the drums are either traditional black or silver in a heat resistant powder coated finish.

The frames either break down or fold away for storage or transportation. They all have stainless steel racks for protection to weather and hygiene cleaning purposes.

You can choose to have shelved sides or not, the latter making the product cheaper.


  • 900mm wide large BBQ (from £240):
    entertaining for large parties or commercial use. Perfect product for Round Tablers, village fetes, rugby clubs
  • 600mm wide medium BBQ (from £160):
    a good product for the family and adequate party entertaining
  • 400mm wide small BBQ (from £90):
    great product for couples, going camping or to the beach

Prices include a standard colour, and do not include the extension side wings which can be seen in some of the themed barbecues. Call us for prices on customisation required.

Got questions? Want to Order? Want custom colours? Or custom design?