Small Tower Fire Pit

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Small Tower Fire Pit


Approx 83cm high

Made out of mild steel with rust. Within time this item will oxidise with the elements and naturally discolour.

It is approx 83cm H and the width at the bottom is approx 30cm and then tapers up to the top to approx 24cm.

It starts off square at the base and then tapers as it rises up. It has random decorative type of keltic design engraved sides. It has an opening at the bottom to place your logs . Pull out drawer at the bottom to place logs inside (before lit) and to empty the ashes. There is no handle on this pull out drawer as to make sure you don’t try to pull it out whilst hot . So please make note it is to only pull out whilst cold.

Great patio firepit to be a focal point in your garden.

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